Our Story

You are our priority. You are our voice.

At Sportstation, we understand everyone has different reasons for working out, and we respect your unique workout preferences, which is why we pick our products carefully to reflect the needs of our customers. Our purposeful range of fitness equipment is readily available to ensure you can change your routine and keep your workouts fresh to get your blood pumping while ensuring you get the best results.

From kettlebells to chrome dumbbells, barbells to medicine balls, Sportstation has got something for everyone, and the wide range offering features fitness equipment suitable for any workout you might choose to reach your body and fitness goals.

We pride ourselves on being orientated around your needs and having a sole focus on incorporating your suggestions and preferences to provide you with the ultimate workout experience. Sportstation intends to provide opportunities for fitness enthusiasts of all ages allowing them to pursue and thrive in the sports they love to become their own fitness goals and inspiration regardless of their limitations and difficulties.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to reach for their dreams and go above and beyond. Whether your passion is boxing, CrossFit, or Kettlebells, we have the perfect equipment to suit your needs. Our business is driven purely by the energy and focus you bring to every workout, and your voice is the guiding light that brings us closer to achieving our goals and implementing your ideas so we can be our best selves.